Adobo Grill

Chicago, Illinois


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If you're looking for good vegan mexican food you can do better even at Chipotle. I went here as a vegetarian (not vegan yet) and suffered from a horrid lack of options. I would never go here as a vegan especially in the City of Chicago which has so many other incredible options. If you find yourself stuck here, do what I did and get a mint mohito to drink away the pain until you can leave.

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I wasn't so crazy about the Adobo Grill given the price to what-you-get ratio. The food is OK, but does not merit the high prices they charge. What I found particularly frustrating is that the menu is no indication of what is/can be vegan. I ordered a salad whose menu listing made no mention of dairy anywhere, and out it came slathered in cheese. The server was kind enough to take it back to get it without. Oddly enough, the only obvious vegetarian item, the "Plato Vegetariano" can't be made vegan at all. You have to go with a cheese-less enchilada -- again not obvious at all. Despite these drawbacks, vegans can find food here w/ good communication to the servers. I wouldn't go out of my way though.

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