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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I called Chatterbox before I went there a few weeks ago (June 2012) and the person on the other end told me that the soy cheese for the pizza was vegan. I hope he wasn't mistaken... I wasn't impressed the other time I'd been there. The "vegan" options were nonexistent and you couldn't make anything there vegan. The waiter acted like it was such a hassle too. I hate places like that.

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Ah yes, the chatterbox. I was told that it has a great beer selection so I was willing to brave the high currents of the river to make it there. Everything was going exceptionally well until I saw their menu.

There are very few vegan items on the menu and the vegan substitutions are non existent. I was staring dejectedly at the menu when I saw that they offer soy cheese for the pizzas. "Now we are in business I thought." I flagged my server and asked if the cheese was vegan and he replied that it was not. It contains a small amount of casein. Why even bother?

I left hungry and almost starved to death on the way home. I got stranded halfway across the river and spent the night fending off a polar bear with my fingernail. Eventually he left. I returned home and resolved not to step foot inside another Chatterbox until they have more vegan options.

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I had a good experience at the Chatterbox Pub. I was with a group of 8 - I was the only vegan. After learning of my veganism, the manager came to my table and offered to whip up a special wrap sandwich for me. It was delicious and he mentioned that it was going to be put on the menu in the near future. It's very similar to the Cinco de Mayo dip listed on their current menu - except without the dairy. I really appreciated their efforts. The bartender even veganized their bloody mary for me.

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I was all set to give them a good rating but then I actually tried to order something. There is not a single vegan item on the menu; I had to ask the server about numerous modifications before I found something I would eat. Most disturbing, perhaps, was the server's comment about the pizza's soy substitute cheese: "...the owner says there's very little casein in it so it's okay if you're vegan". I ended up ordering a pizza with no cheese. Both servers I talked with were receptive to our complaints about the lack of vegan options and went so far as to tell me that they've brought it up with the owner before but that he remains resistant.

I've since lowered my rating because in the few times I've returned to the Chatterbox there has always something bad about it (mostly poor service - I don't even bother with the food and how can you possibly screw up tap beer?).

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