Chatterbox Pub

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 23 16

800 Cleveland Avenue South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116


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Bar/restaurant with games and food.

Restaurant, Bar

The owners of the original Chatterbox Pub purchased what used to be a Perkins and developed it into a new Chatterbox Pub. This one is much like the original (custom brews, lunch and dinner food, Atari and board games) except that it is larger, offers breakfast and is more upper-class (to better fit into the Highland Park neighborhood).

There are a smattering of vegetarian options on the menu (which is nearly identical to that of the original Chatterbox). Pizzas can be made vegan if you omit the cheese (the soy substitute contains a "small amount of casein").

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I called Chatterbox before I went there a few weeks ago (June 2012) and the person on the other end told me that the soy cheese for the pizza was vegan. I hope he wasn't mistaken... I wasn't impressed the other time I'd been there. The "vegan" options were nonexistent and you couldn't make anything there vegan. The waiter acted like it was such a hassle too. I hate places like that.

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Ah yes, the chatterbox. I was told that it has a great beer selection so I was willing to brave the high currents of the river to make it there. Everything was going exceptionally well until I saw their menu.

There are very few vegan items on the menu and the vegan substitutions are non existent. I was staring dejectedly at the menu when I saw that they offer soy cheese for the pizzas. "Now we are in business I thought." I flagged my server and asked if the cheese was vegan and he replied that it was not. It contains a small amount of casein. Why even bother?

I left hungry and almost starved to death on the way home. I got stranded halfway across the river and spent the night fending off a polar bear with my fingernail. Eventually he left. I returned home and resolved not to step foot inside another Chatterbox until they have more vegan options.

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Highland Park


On the southeast corner of Cleveland Ave S and Ford Parkway.



$$ - average


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7am - 1am
7am - 2am
8am - 2am
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