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Vegan Plate is now called H.O.P.E. - Healthy Organic Positive Eating. Thought you should know in case you're looking for the sign that says "Vegan Plate".

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I had a good experience here. I think this is more of a sandwich/wrap place. I ordered the P.E.T. (pumpkin, eggplant, something i forget) plate and it really wasn't that good. My friend ordered a wrap, and it was DELICIOUS. For an appetizer we ordered the mock-chicken skewers in curry sauce. I would go back for that alone.

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I love this place! I had the P.E.T. (pumpkin, eggplant and tofu) stir fry dinner it comes with miso soup, salad, spring roll, and delicious brown rice it was fresh but I wasn't into the sauce that much. My husband had the Red Curry which he thought was good. My daughter ordered the veggie burger made with lentils. The whole family agreed hers was the best. I have had the veggie shrimp in the past and thought it was great too. The traffic from another restaurant next store is the only reason I don't go here more often. I hate the valet parking thing although the Vegan Plate does validate.

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I love the food at Vegan Plate and I am a regular customer there but recently I've noticed that the service is lacking. Every time I have a meal there I am always interrupted by loud noise from the kitchen and the wait staff is constantly talking on the phone. I usually put up with it because I love the food but lately its gotten worse. I feel that work is work and people shouldn't be paid if they talk on the phone. I notice one specific person constantly talking on the phone more than others every time I'm there. I don't know who she is but sometimes I am tempted to ask why she isn't doing what she is paid to do. Some if not most of the time my food usually takes 20 minutes to arrive even when I'm the only patron in the restaurant. It makes me wonder what they are doing back there. I am hoping the people at Vegan Plate reads this so that they can improve their service and make my experience as well as others more enjoyable.

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My experience at Vegan Plate was fabulous. The food was absolutely delicious, with lots of variety and innovation on the menu. The cowboy wrap, with their house made seitan, was a warm and wonderful combination of seitan, lettuce, salsa, a bit of veganaise and avocado wrapped in a tasty lavosh. The service was prompt, friendly and helpful. They were easily able to accommodate my companion who is on a low-sodium diet. The parking wasn't bad at all-they validate for the valet, and the valets were nice. I think this is an amazing vegan restaurant and should please vegans and omnis alike!

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