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When I arrived at this strip of stores behind LA City College, its seems like that the stores had been up since before the college was put in place. They almost feel like they were once the set of an old western. The doorway to the outside is small and concave into an even smaller door framed with white icicle Christmas lights and small terra cotta pots of aloe vera. The windows and the door are dark, so you can't see what you're about to enter. There's a little bit of an odd Willy Wonka feel. What am I going to see when I enter?

The simple store is dark, quiet, and not air conditioned which feels like it’s from a post adolescent idealistic environmentalism standpoint - thank you college students. Once your eyes adjust, you see an awesome spoon mobile like you're in your baby crib again looking up. A large chalkboard hangs high above the ice cream counter. The walls are bubble gum pink, mint green, and pistachio green and you realize, "oh these are ice cream flavor colors. Adorable framed children’s crayon art hangs on the walls, dark leather bench seating makes you give a double take as it seems out of place. It’s not noticeable as you enter, but the dark windows are actually faux stain glass windows of the colorful spoons used to eat with, We were the only ones in the store and with such high ceilings and small benches tightly spaced to the opposing wall, the business seems a little under-furnished, but then the store got busy and that space suddenly seemed necessary.

In my experience of being a vegetarian over the decades, is soy milk ice cream, though tasty can be chalky, so understandably, I was skeptical when visiting this establishment. "So what's vegan?"
"These four right here are and these two here are made with sugar in case your worried about the process of how the sugar is made." I then had to explain to my friend about the charred cow bone method filtering refined sugar. It's a practice that is used less and less, but some will not take the risk.

My friend ordered the Banana Oreo which was delicious and but you mostly taste Oreo and then you get the aftertaste of banana. Aftertaste usually has a negative connotation, so let's say "banana afterglow".

Now, since they give you two scoops with the ordering one (yea, I don't get it either), I got the Chocolate Walnut and Peanut Butter Molasses. Now, I don't know how he does it better than any other soy ice cream maker, but this soy ice cream is CREAMY! Congratulations Scoops owner and ice cream maker, Tai Kim, for making the best soy ice cream you can get!!!

The walnuts in the Chocolate Walnut are finely ground, so it doesn't strike you the way a normal Chocolate Walnut will, but it creates a more even flavor and if you like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, have it like I did with the Peanut Butter Molasses, but be sure to eat both flavors in each bit. Imagine the peanut butter cups with walnuts and don't imagine it, go and try it...(provided they have those flavors since they change every day).

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YUM! I'm so glad that I happened to be staying with a friend a few blocks from here. I hear that they rotate very interesting vegan flavors but when I was visiting, they had maple oreo, chocolate mint, and raspberry. The maple oreo was very rich-tasting but the combination of oreos and maple was a bit too much for me. I did, however love the chocolate mint. I'm normally not really into chocolate-based ice creams, but this was so creamy and the mint flavor was strong so I absolutely loved it. The raspberry was also very good - creamy, rich, and refreshing!

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scoops is the jam. my husband freaked over the vegan vanilla jack daniels flavor they offered one day. my personal fave has been vegan oreo cookie. green tea jasmine comes in a close second. I LOVE SCOOPS!

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Okay let me now just say that this is the best vegan ice cream I have ever tasted in my life (and from friends opinions the best dairy as well). I have tried all the store brands and these just do not compare! First of all, Tai the owner will make any flavor you request. I have seen flavors like Caramel Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee, Sea salt and olive oil and these have all sold well! On the vegan end...I often make requests of him and my favorites are thus far, vegan cookie dough, vegan mint and cocoa nibs, vegan chocolate orange, vegan rocky road (yup rocky road that is vegan friendly), pear lychee sorbet, vegan blueberry cheesecake. The best part is that since it is made from scratch (he won't tell anyone his secrets-I've tried) he knows exactly what goes into it and will tell you that it's a healthy treat at about 120 calories. Better yet, one scoop at his shop is equal to 2 and you can mix and match...and refills are only $1 more!!! Not to mention that if you can't decide on what to get...he'll patiently let you try all 18 flavors...but beware..if you are into plain chocolate and plain vanilla--you won't find it there. This place is great for flavors you wouldn't think of and falling in love with a flavor you didn't know existed!

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