Sultan's Market

Chicago, Illinois


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Well marked vegan fare, great prices, fast service, and it's very clean. The food was nothing fancy.

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Go to Sultans if you want something cheap, quick and tasty.
What I love about Sultans:
Amazing salad bar with all kinds of goodies.
Crispy and fluffy falafel
Vegan desserts
Small stock of hard to find middle eastern grocery items for sale like fava beans and halva

I don't recommend the falafel sandwich though--the falafel gets a little soggy from the hummus and just doesn't taste right. Get them as a side instead.

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sultan's has changed a lot from its grocery type atmosphere- now they have mostly salad bar- and the menu of course- the price is right- the lentils and rice are great and so is the spicy vegan falafel, how could you go wrong for 3 bucks? i remember when this guys was selling falafel's out of a cart on the street- one of wicker's better cheap eats

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Sultan's Market is OK. I didn't think the food was *great*, but it was decent. I do recommend the lentil soup.

In terms of being a grocery store -- that amounts to cans stacked below the shelves of the service counter. The layout of the place also makes it sort of hard to figure out how to flow through the area, and the lack of signage makes it difficult to figure out what you're buying.

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