It's Vegetable

Kinshicho, Tokyo


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I was very disappointed with my dining experience at It's Vegetable. They used to be eat-all-you-can, then they changed to fill your plate up only once. Or so I thought. We went there and I ordered the medium plate since I was pretty hungry (there are 3 sizes to choose from: small, medium and large). I started to fill up my plate and I was not halfway through when the owner told me to weigh my plate. It exceeded the weight limit and he said I should pay for a large. I didn't want a large. I lost my appetite right there and then. They seem to be too kibishii about the portions. My friend got the small plate and she was not asked to weigh her plate but the amount of food she got was almost the same as my medium plate (small plate is 350 yen cheaper than the medium plate). I just felt that the owners were too concerned about profit and not about customer satisfaction. Extremely disappointed and won't be going back.

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I've been here a few times and the staff were really friendly. Certainly no xenophobia - quite the opposite! The owner was very nice to us and explained everything in English.
I love the small bento box buffet, a very good deal and a great contrast to other restaurants in the area.
I'm not vegetarian but I find it hard to get enough fruit and veg in my diet whilst I'm out here, so go to It's Vegetable in order to up my veg intake.
The only confusing thing is the prices for the evening - it means per dish, not per person.

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By far the best food I had in all of Japan. Please, please, please, go to It's Vegetable, you will not regret it. You will be treated very well and you will leave satisfied... "Sweet and Sour Pork" is fantastic, as well as the curry.

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This is the best place I've been to in Japan. Really good size portions AND fake meat--both of which are hard to come by here. I had the lunch buffet and the sweet and sour "pork" was to die for. It's offered as separate item on their menu.

The only thing was that the staff kept staring at us greedy Americans, as though they wanted us to stop eating--although 3 Japanese guys next to us were eating way more than us. They even came and took our plates before we left, something they weren't doing at other tables--likely because they wanted us to leave. Not cool, but we sort of understood.

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I've been here twice so far, once for the lunch buffet and once for dinner. The lunch buffet was quite good, with a good selection of dishes and a great deal at 850 yen for all you can eat.

At dinner, we ordered a la carte, which was more expensive, but having the food freshly prepared was better. Everything we had was excellent. I'd definitely recommend trying the radish cakes, which are battered and fried deliciousness. The corn soup made with soymilk and mock ham was really good, but very rich.

The staff are very friendly, and the manager speaks a little English. Of course, if you speak Chinese, make sure to talk to the owner, who can recommend all sorts of good dishes.

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