Bite Cafe

Chicago, Illinois


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If you are looking for amazing vegan catering, ask the chef at Bite Cafe. He did an amazing spread of stuffed chiles rellenos served with homemade tofu sour cream and a bunch of Southwest-style salads (the jicama apple salad was my favorite!) for a University of Chicago Vegan Society event. He only takes cash (no personal checks and no credit card) but the food was definitely worth the extra hassle. It was the most carefully-prepared, best-tasting catered food that I've ordered in Chicago (and I've catered events from all of the major vegetarian restaurants in Chicago).

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bite is cool, hang out spot- attached to a bar. their school book menu covers are different- its a chill place- food has never been bad- i continue to go back. no fancy- no stress, people won't stare at my tattoos.

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