Av. Córdoba 1577
Buenos Aires
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Cafeteria-style vegetarian restaurant with a natural food store in the lower level.

Restaurant, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

Lotos is a completely vegetarian restaurant with a very large number of vegan offerings. Food is ordered cafeteria-style by going down a line with a tray and ordering what you would like. The staff is generally very helpful and will tell you if any of the dishes have egg or dairy. They serve several dishes with soy (TVP) and sometimes have seitan as well.

The natural food store (Dietética) below the restaurant is very well-stocked, especially for buying different varieties of beans or grains. They also offer a good frozen-food section of mainly vegan products (milanesas de soya, hamburguesas de soja o lenteja, etc.). The baked goods are also good and some are vegan, but honey (miel) is often used.

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I absolutely love Lotos! They offer a great selection of healthy vegan dishes, but I almost always got the salad whenever I went. Why? More freshly chopped veggies than you can feast your eyes on, all beautifully-prepared and much easier than preparing a salad at home. They also offer a great sauce for the salad (and most other dishes as well) that is made with steamed carrots and is positively addictive! Also, try the "plato balanceado." This oversized macrobiotic salad also comes with six veggies of your choice, brown rice, seaweed flakes, sauce, miso, and tofu. If you don't want tofu, you can also sub lentils or any other veggie. Some of their desserts are also vegan (including jello-like fruit pies made with agar instead of gelatin), but I would highly recommend their fresh juices instead! Plus, the employees are all extremely friendly, which is a huge bonus!

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Corner of Av. Córdoba and Montevideo. Colectivos 132 and 140 go up Av. Córdoba from the Microcenter.

Note: This is located next door to La Esquina de las Flores, another local vegetarian restaurant.


$ - inexpensive


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11:30am - 6pm
11:30am - 3:30pm

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