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Huge disappointment! My husband and I went here for our anniversary. I called weeks ahead to alert the staff that I am vegan and was assured they would prepare something special. But the meal was lackluster. The chef had nothing planned. I had to explain to our waiter what "vegan" means because he didn't know. The amuse bouche they served me contained gelatin and had to be sent back. I was served bland couscous and vegetables (might as well have gone to Reza's) while my non-vegan husband feasted on extravagant dishes. At the end of the meal, they served chocolates and other treats to take home, but I was told that none of it was vegan. Other than a brief apology, they did nothing to make up for the shortcomings. I really felt like a second-class customer. If you want great vegan dining, try Trotters!

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I got treated for my birthday at Tru, and the experience was phenomenal. The Chef had created a completely vegan three-course menu for me (we went for the prix fixe option) which featured a fantastic 21-vegetable ragout appetizer, a truffle with white mushroom risotto, and raspberry and chocolate sorbet with fresh berries for dessert.

The service is impeccable, and the servers do everything (serve and clear dishes, pour water, etc.) in synchronization at your table. It's truly a treat.

Most importantly, everyone who served our table knew that I was vegan, knew exactly it entailed, and provided appropriate recommendations without me having to ask -- for example the bread server offered me olive oil instead of butter. Every detail of the experience was thought through. I absolutely recommend it as a very special treat for yourself or as your treat for someone else.

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