Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant

Victoria, British Columbia


rating star

I really enjoy Green Cuisine. If I lived on the island I would visit more often, but always go when I am in Victoria. There is so much great food. The staff is cool, and I like the setting. The prices seem okay to me, they might be a little high depending on what you get since you pay by weight but I didn't find them out of line. Will always dine there when in town.

rating star

If I lived in Victoria and lived or worked within 4 blocks, I would never use my kitchen. They have a buffet menu that changes daily, everything is vegan and there is a great selection of soups, hot foods and desserts. If I did live near the restaurant I would probably take my food to go since I'm not crazy about the atmosphere. The other drawbacks and they are minor are the price. You pay by weight and I felt it should have been about 20% less expensive and they should offer a few more plain, raw vegetables in their salad bar area. I didn't try any of their baked goods but they did look good. They also have a little "ice cream" section with four flavors, something you rarely see in a veg restaurant.

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