Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Pigeon peas and rice, great flavor and very reasonably priced!

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My friend and I ate hear and enjoyed the tasty and interesting food. The serving sizes were large, the food was spicy and creative, and the service was friendly and helpful. The prices were good, too. I'd definitely come back.

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UPDATE: Harry Singh's is my go-to place when I'm in the mood for something other than Evergreen/Jasmine 26/French Meadow/etc. The vegetarian items here are pretty much all vegan and consist of simple, home-cooked Indo-Caribbean specialties such as roti-dhalpourie (curried vegetables and/or potato and chickpeas stuffed inside a fried wheat roti) and pigeon peas with rice.

The prices are reasonable given the portion sizes (two dishes are $8.50, and a few others such as the rotis are around $11).

The food here has a lot of black pepper and Caribbean spices, but if you want to make the food "hot" you should add a little bit of Harry's signature sauce which is on each table. It's possibly the spiciest stuff I've ever tasted, easily surpassing anything I've eaten in Mexico, Thailand or India; even a drop is scalding on your tongue and mouth, so be extra careful, or you'll end up hurting yourself and completely ruining your dish.

I only wish Harry Singh's had a few more vegetarian options, with an emphasis on different ingredients (potatoes and chickpeas get boring quickly) such as bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and squash. Marla's Caribbean Cuisine (owned by Harry's sister) has similar food and also gives you the option of tofu in some dishes, which is really nice, and adds some variety to the flavors and textures you encounter in each dish.

Still, I'm glad Harry's is around and keeping my food choices diverse.

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I love Harry Singh's! It's affordable, fun, delicious veggie food (rotis are great) and attentive service. Downsides: be careful when selecting your "spiciness level." I picked one out of my range, and couldn't enjoy my meals with tears running down my cheeks. Also, it's a dry establishment, so I couldn't quench my thirst with a beer or chilled sauvignon blanc.

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Love the music, love the bright colors, love the service, love the food. The mixed vegetable roti was fantastic - cabbage, carrots, green beans, potatoes, chick peas, red beans, tomatoes all spiced to perfection with extra hot sauce on the side in case you want to kick it up a notch. The vegetable patties are a great appetizer to share, too.

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Harry Singh is the king of pepper sauce, and a master of delicious vegetarian cooking. This little Eat Street restaurant should be high on the list of any vegetarian, and if you dine with the carnivores please note that there are many delightful offerings for all!

Recommended? The curry chickpea and potato Roti is a personal favorite, as is the vegetarian non-curry plate. Conveniently located at Nicollet Ave and 27th St. Visit their website for a peek at their menu: http://www.harrysinghs.com

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A truly spicy treat!

As of early July '04, they are "opening soon" at 26xx Nicollet according to a City Pages ad.

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