El Vegetariano

Santiago, Chile


rating star

EL VEGETARIANO NO LONGER GOOD MEALS - El Vegetariano used to be the only vegetarian food restaurant at Santiago downtown. Every day it used to be loaded of customers at lunch time. I guess that's why it's quality has been decreasing over the years. A few months ago I went over there the last time and I wrote on the guestbook something that went like this:
" I used to came here over the last ten years. The service is not as good as it used to be. Among other things, the hygiene in the men's toilet is disgusting, the food gets between cold and warm to the table, the tableclothes are greasy, the man that serves is like always in a hurry and I get an overall impression that not all the food is as fresh as I wish. You know there are other new restaurants. I'm sorry, the last few years I gave you an opportunity. This is the last time I eat here." And it was. Yes, they spoiled it and I was disappointed for good. There are other places to eat nice fresh vegetarian dishes in Santiago. I hope El Vegetariano gets in the right track again.

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