Bona Vietnamese Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


rating star

Bona offers many delicious vegan options (though not marked as such on the menu) at very reasonable prices. Dine in or take out, the service is speedy. The restaurant staff understand veg dietary needs, though it never hurts to ask about the ingredients of a specific dish. All in all, one of the best veg-friendly eateries on the U of M campus.

rating star

I used to love Bona several years ago. I don't know whether it's my tastes or their menu that changed... or maybe I came back on a bad night.

Things just aren't spiced right... for example, tofu / mock duck, carrots, onions and bamboo shoots in a generic, thin brown sauce isn't that appetizing... or original at all.

Service is very efficient but impersonal. The atmosphere and decor is nicer than the typical budget restaurant.

Prices are very cheap for the food, however, with most veggie entrees currently around $7. Whatever your opinion may be about the quality, the quantity is clearly generous.

However, you can do better in Stadium Village or in Dinkytown.

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