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With a subtle red sign that you might hit another car while you're looking for it at 11 at night (don't worry, I braked in time), Green Leaves is a nice break from all the other Thai vegan restaurants with its seven guitars, Fender speakers, keyboard, drum sets, big flat screens, strobe lights, and Guitar Hero in the waiting area. There's also some Christmas light icicles and tinsel up which seems to be have lazily left up one year, but kept up ironically ever since.
And ya gotta love dishes with names like Jazz Noodles, Pho Funky, and C-Minor Chicken. My friend and I opt for the Cha Cha Pumpkin (with Soy Beef) and the Signature Rock & Roll Noodle (with Soy Chicken).
The signature Rock & Roll Noodles were a comforting by being spicy but not too spicy and having a generous amount of sprouts and bell peppers. The tofu in it was perfectly cooked. However, even though the soy chicken tasted rockin', it wasn't a very attractive. Beware, this dish is a little greasy...but I was in the mood for it, so it was welcomed.
The bigger surprise was the creative Cha Cha Pumpkin. Weird to think that pumpkin could be so good in a stir fry. My friend felt that the dish was a little overly soft in texture and could use more crunchy accents such as more cashews and maybe some of the bean sprouts that were snapping in my mouth from the Rock & Roll Noodles. He did love the Wild Rice as he loves being able to eat rice without soy sauce.
This place has been given ‘$$’ which is unfair, because only one of the dishes is $10.95 and everything else is under $10. I almost didn't go because I was afraid I was going to see $18 menu items, so don't let that stop you from checking this neat little place out.

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I wish I would have read the last person's post regarding non-vegan products before eating here! I will base my rating on my experience, assuming all the foods were vegan.

We ordered the chicken satay, which was tasty and came with a delicious peanut dipping sauce. We also had the onion rings, which were SO good, and were perfect with the tangy BBQ sauce they give you--definitely better than ordinary ketchup.

I had the "gravy noodles" which were wide rice noodles with tofu, broccoli, and a miso "gravy", which was more like a regular sauce. It was pretty good, but I wish I would have ordered the fried chicken and blueberry pancake (which were called "tropical," for some reason), which my friend ordered because they were outstanding.

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I went here when they first opened and were not done first I thought it was great...however I discovered after going several times that some of the food has MSG and the pre-made chicken has whey in it. I have seen them bring in the food they buy and I have seen these products in Asian grocers and most pre-made meat in the Asian markets have whey protein, you need to check to make sure. They also have a picture of items they supposedly use but discovered this was not the case. On several occasions I have asked what kind of syrup or soyanaise they were using to only find out that the wait staff had no clue and when prodded more, discovered they were not vegan products. I have witnessed other customers suffer from food allergies even though the menu and wait staff had said there were no allergens in the dish...only to ask the cook and discover that somehow those items had found there way into the dish. When confronted about this several times, the wait staff seemed to not have any idea of what was going on in the back nor did my waitress know what whey was when I asked her. Here's a real case of eat at your own risk, but if you aren't vegan it's fine. It's just dangerously misleading to those of us who are vegan.

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I have heard that this restaurant, despite claiming to be vegan, use whey in their entrees, and, when telephoned, admitted to this, but said they had no plans to change! If you plan on going there, please call them first to double check this info.

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Hi there!
This is our new favorite spot for dining! My sister and I absolutely love this new addition to los feliz! The food here is soooo yummy! We used to go to California Vegan on Sunset but this is closer and the food is great! the fish dinner is very flavorful and much liter than at california vegan -- where most dishes are drowning in thick sauces. I personally love the tango dinner or the wraps with grilled seitan! Fish wrap is also to die for... Just saw the sign that they'll be open til 3am friday/sat nights! Wishing this new restaurant all the best and continued success!

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My friend and I have been trying to go to new restaurants for about 3 months now but we keep getting sucked into the vortex that is Hollywood Vegan (now Green Leaves). We love this place and have sampled more then 1/2 of the menu and not once have we had a disappointing meal. All the breakfast burritos are amazing and it's hard not to order the fish wrap every time. I do have to say, and only out of love, the service can improve. However, I know a lot of the staff is still learning the ropes so I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. To comment on the negative review on here. The people of Hollywood Vegan really tried hard to redecorate the place. I was there the morning they were getting all their new decor and they were really proud of it. So it's not to your liking, but they worked hard for it and I appreciate what they've done. Do the world a favor and stay home and make yourself a crappy Boca Burger while watching reruns of Will and Grace with your 5 cats. I do have to say the name Green Leaves sucks ass I'm not into that hippy s*@t so to me it will always be Hollywood Vegan. Do yourself a favor dine in and enjoy. By the way we found out on our last visit you can bring wine!!!!

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I decided to be adventurous last night and try Hollywood Vegan, now called "Green Leaves" on Hillhurst. Oh, what a mistake. With the restaurant barely occupied it took 25 minutes to get a 'to go' order, and they still got my order wrong. The atmosphere is soul-crushing. LCD TV's are mounted on every wall broadcasting as many different programs. The decor is tacky and the staff, although well meaning, are clueless. I just wanted a quick grilled vegetable sandwich and fries to take with me. Instead, when I got home, it was the soy chicken sandwich. At that point I was hungry and just dealt with it. The soy patty was tough and chewy and the food was cold. I don't recommend this for dining (I had to park in the Sotheby's lot next door), take out, and god help you if you try delivery. Just head down the street to Vegan Star.

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