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The Salad Rolls are a vegan's dream come true (the Thai basil gives it the perfect kick) and come with a delicious peanut dipping sauce. We go to both Saladang and Saladang Song regularly, never have had to wait for a table, and get delicous pad se ew, yellow curry, and vegetable fried rice every time. When we specify no fish sauce they always promptly ask if egg is okay. They're clearly concerned about their clients being satisfied with their food.

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As the description says, unless you specify that you don't want this, fish and/or oyster sauce goes into all vegetarian dishes! This is kind of annoying; since I was talking to my friends, I was really worried that I'd forget to ask for no fish sauce. And since my friends and I decided to share food, I had to go out of my way to tell the waiter to skip the fish/oyster sauce in their dishes too; it was awkward (especially since I didn't particularly want to trigger a discussion about the moral status of oysters!)

That being said, the food is nicely decorated, the service was good, and the place looks nice. But the flavor is so so. We asked for "mild" (not spicy) and without spice, the food was pretty bland. The prices are reasonable, and they do have a number of dishes that are vegan if you remember to ask for no fish sauce...

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WARNING: See Saladang Song review for details (same company).

Excellent food and smiling staff. They do various combinations of stir-fried vegetables, to which you can add tofu. They also do fantastic sticky rice and red, green and yellow curries.

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