Jay's Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I've eaten here once, and I was impressed. They had something on the menu that was vegan, it was very tasty and healthy, and the service was friendly and helpful.

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Jay's has excellent food, and they are always accommodating of both vegetarianism and kids. (My two big requirements!) They will adjust just about anything on there menu for you.

I have only been there on the weekend, but I'm dying to try out a dinner, because they have a portabella dinner that sounds delish!

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Wow! Jay's Cafe serves quality vegetarian food that tastes great! I've had the Roasted Eggplant sandwich several times, and if you like pizza they have a Mushroom spinach pizza with roasted garlic, which you can get with a salad, or soup(which changes daily and is sometimes vegetarian). For the vegan they have a Tamari Noodle salad, a great buckwheat noodles salad with mixed veggies served over spring greens. For breakfast they serve a veggie burrito with avocado and homemade salsa, and almost all dishes can be made vegetarian, but not much besides the waffle is vegan for breakfast. Overall, I was very satisfied and will continue to go back.

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