May Wah Vegetarian Grocery

Manhattan, New York City


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I adore this place! My boyfriend and I live in Brooklyn and plan a monthly visit to Chinatown specifically to go to MayWah's and stock up!

The vegan meats are super cheap and everything I've gotten has been amazing!! I believe they supply mock meat to many of the veg restaurants around NYC and I can see why.

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Nearly everything here is vegan and they even have veg versions of meats like squid and eel. I have no desire to try them, but you never know when they may come in handy.

My favorite are the vegan chicken drumsticks--these are the ones that Red Bamboo, Foodswings, and so many other restaurants serve. You can just throw them in the microwave and pour on BBQ sauce, but I prefer to marinate them (lemon rosemary or spicy citrus) and either grill or bake them.

My meat-eating family tried them when they visited and couldn't believe how good they are. My sister is even going to start ordering them in bulk and having them shipped to Wisconsin!

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You know the drill. Chinese vegetarian meat substitutes-a-plenty. I eat vegetarian chicken legs like they're going out of style! I'm probably the most carnivorous Vegan on the planet. Weird, I know.

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