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Watch out, the pumpkin muffins are no longer vegan, they sadly changed the recipe to include eggs at the Minnetonka branch, and I would assume this change is across the board for all stores.

If enough people expressed displeasure, who knows, maybe they'd revert to the old recipe. Doubtful, of course.

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i've always liked breadsmith.. they have great french bread, multigrain & raisin.. but then i found out their caramel pecan buns are vegan! oh my goodness, they are yummy. super highly recommended.

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Breadsmith is great, and the Edina location didn't dissapoint with the quality of their goods. The line was out the door, on a Sunday afternoon, but they had several people working, and it moved pretty quickly. They have menus you take take with you, that list all of the ingredients. This location also has a list of which breads they made on what day - which was very helpful.

I would love it if they would mark their vegan items with some sort of symbol, because it does take a while to read all of the ingredients. I do, however appreciate the ingredients being listed.

You've got to try the Chocolate Babka rolls (this location had two sizes), the Pumpkin Muffins (they had these in two sizes, too), the Ciobatta, and the Olive Bread were all fantastic. The Multi Grain was alright, too.

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