Twin Cities, Minnesota


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After over a decade of eating the delicious Pumpkin Muffins from this store they go and stick a bunch of stupid eggs in the recipe. Without telling me, I might add. So watch out. And complain.

The only thing aside from the regular breads they seem to do vegan anymore at this location (Minnetonka) is the Chocolate Babka, still a treat, but in light of the muffins I would check the ingredients on it beforehand.

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Drove 32 miles round trip to try this place. Left empty handed. The staff seemed proud of everything being Kosher and vegetarian, but had no idea what was Vegan. They checked the ingredients. Pecan rolls are Vegan, but I would have to come back on Thursday. Pumpkin bread is Vegan, but I would have to come back in September. They could not find anything currently available without animal or insect muck in it. They did assure me that most Vegans eat honey (that's bee vomit, I think). I guess I have not met most Vegans.

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