Whole Foods Market

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This Whole Foods is smaller and cozier than the Minneapolis location, but it also has a smaller selection of pretty much everything. There aren't as many mockmeat options, the hot bar doesn't have as many vegan items, and the bakery has only one or two vegan cakes, and only one or two Chicago Diner offerings (the Minneapolis location has double the bakery offerings).

It's a nice bike ride from Minneapolis, though.

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I love the bulk section! The rice cracker asian mix stuff is really good, and for some reason I always leave with dried mangoes. Sire, they have dried mangoes at co-ops, but there's something about the ones from Whole Foods I can't resist. Also, in the refrigerated section, they have some mock meat options that local co-ops don't carry (though I can't for the life of me remember what they are - just trust me on this one...).

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I love this market because they have the selection of a larger grocery store but the quality and vegan-friendly choices of a co-op. The bakery offers a wonderful vegan chocolate chip cookie (it does cost a dollar but its worth it) and often has free samples out to try.

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