Pizza Patio

Flagstaff, Arizona


rating star

These guys get so much credit for effort. They have more vegan options than any other omnivorous pizza place I've ever seen. We tried their deep dish Vegan Mafia Chicken Alfredo, Cesar salad, and a thin crust Vegan Margherita. The first night we were there, there were 21 people in our party and many ordered a personal pizza. Deep dish takes longer to bake, so the food took a while to take out but they put the baking times on the menu so we understood and they did their best - even being upfront about telling us to order appetizers if we were hungry now. There were some mixups but all were handled well. The following night we stopped to get takeout after hiking in the grand canyon. They'd missed the basil on our Margherita and the crust wasn't super thin but maybe there's something funky with baking at that altitude. If we're ever back in town we will absolutely go back. And their vegan fudge dessert was delicious, too.

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