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2006 update. A friend really wanted to take us to dinner here.

As before, the food was sub-par. Great people, lousy food. We really wanted to like this restaurant. They're community activists of the highest caliber. Unfortunately, the food is really bad. We ate there three times and every time we were disappointed. The last time (carry out) we threw away the food and cooked. The words "greasy" and "Thai food" should never come together. Too many white onions, not enough vegetables.

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Chris, chris..... lousy? Have you had any of the curries? The spring rolls? Did you ask Pak or Cherry, the incredibly gracious owners, to keep the fat content of your food down? This restaurant is filled with love and the food they serve reflects this. I could not honestly say it's the best Thai food I've ever eaten but it is far from lousy. The vegetarian dumplings are perfectly poached. The green and red curries with brown rice (on request) are packed with flavor and when Cherry's in the kitchen she'll pack in even more. I have a special fondness for the Asparagus w/ Basil in Garlic Sauce which they will do "Meg style" which means lots of extra ginger.

So much love goes into the food at Thai Flavors that after eating there, in my not so humble opinion, the least bit weary soul will leave with not only their taste buds singing but their heart a wee bit richer. Un-weary souls just go away happier than ever.

Try this place and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. A business that does so much for its community deserves our support. They deserve for their good will AND for the food.

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Eat here now!!! I've eaten at Thai Flavors well over 200 times in the past several years, and I've never had a meal that was "greasy". I can't imagine throwing away dish from Thai Flavors uneaten.

While there are certain dishes on the menu that don't appeal to my tastes, there are others that I can hardly get enough of. Specifically, the Tom Kha soup is amazing, and the Curry Fried Rice is some of the best comfort food known to man.

In terms of health and ingredients, Pak and Cherry (the owners of Thai Flavors) go to lengths to find safe and wholesome ingredients. Costs prevent Pak and Cherry from offering organic ingredients-- the Iowa City restruant business is very tough-- but they do buy quality as often as possible. In addition, they guarantee no use of MSG, even in spices they buy. If a non-MSG spice is not available, they'll remove the item from the menu. Also, their kitchen is an open one, and anyone is welcome to a tour.

I've been a fan of Thai Food for over 15 years, having eaten in spots from San Francisco to New York, and Thai Flavors is among the ten best I've found. The best is actually in Bloomington Indiana, of all places, so go figure.

I highly encourage everyone in the area to at least stop by for a meal. If you don't like what you get, drop me a note and I'll pay your bill.

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