Kelley Farm Kitchen

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


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A tiny VEGAN GEM in Bolivar/Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

This is really a wonderful find.

The restaurant is tiny! 14 seats and the promise of some outdoor seating once the warmer weather comes along.

Expect to wait. Also expect that it will be WORTH THE WAIT.

The food is beautifully presented, the service is excellent, the food freshly prepared. Be prepared to wait for your table and for the food. To Repeat: It is worth the wait!!!!

You will be greeted by the enthusiastic co-owner. I didn't catch his name but he is pleasant, upbeat, helpful. He waits on the tables, rings you up at the cash register, will take your cell number and call you when your table is ready if you want to relax at the pub behind the restaurant... He even recommended another restaurant for a couple who were pressed for time and couldn't wait!!

The other owner, the gentleman's wife, is the chef and she seems to work wonders in what they self-describe as a "micro-kitchen".

The menu is quite extensive, particularly considering the little kitchen.

We had the garlic knots as an appetizer. Big and fluffy, they are unlike any you have had at any pizza joint. Served with a very tasty garlic laden tomato sauce on the side, they are absolutely delicious.

For her main dish, my wife had the Ramen bowl. Easily enough for two people, I challenge anyone to eat it by themself. Filled with noodles, sliced root vegetables, mushrooms and greens. It was very tasty and my wife said she enjoyed it. She will also enjoy it as todays lunch and maybe tonight's dinner!

I had the Vegan Rubin. Served with a pickle spear and and I had a side of green chili. The marble rye was given a nice crust in a black iron pan and the sandwich was very tasty. The chili was great. Tasty and thick, nice layers of taste and texture. The combination of the sandwich and the chili, with the garlic knot appetizer, left me well-sated.

As a chili-head I was really pleased to see the shelf of hot sauces lined up for the diner's use. Nice selection.

We were much too full to consider dessert. Maybe next time.

Next time we are there I will try the cold vegetable spring rolls. They looked great and the table next to us raved about them.

I am really looking forward to our next visit to our new go-to place.

Note that all of the dishes are plant based i.e.: Vegan. Even so, I could see many dishes that would satisfy all but the most dedicated carnivore.

I don't often rave about a restaurant. This one I am raving about. It is just that good. The food, the owners, the atmosphere add up to a great Tiny vegan gem.

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We love this new spot! What a fresh exciting place for delicious, compassionate food. Mostly organic, several gluten free and peanut allergy free choices. You can tell this food is prepared with love! We tried several items on the menu, the soup of the day Potato-French Onion, the mushroom appetizer, the fresh Spring rolls, the baked macaroni & cheeze as well as the Chili on the Impossible Burger. The folks at the table next to us had the Nacho Grande and that looked excellent! The owners are delightful and friendly. What a great idea that they added a little market with snacks and fresh baked items to good. They even have a line of baby food! We will definitely go back!
They are right off the Appalachian Trail and the C&O canal, plus they offer a bike wash!

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