The Fat Radish

Bayfield, Wisconsin


rating star

Kudos to Fat Radish for labeling vegan and vegan on request on their menus, and having multiple options at breakfast, lunch and dinner! We found our standard “pizza without cheese” dining option a bust in Bayfield (all pizza places use milk in crust :( ), so ate here often. They have some really good flavors, but also a lot of inconsistencies (forgetting ingredients or mixing up tofu and mock duck (which is made locally!) They also have nondairy alternatives for coffee.

Tofu scramble burrito - the flavor of the veggies come out and the tofu doesn’t seem to have the traditional scramble seasoning. Tomatillo salsa offers a nice sourness but no heat. Add Cholula and you have a satisfying and filling meal. Chose sweet potato and black bean hash which came with dried cranberries and was both savory and sweet with carmelized toasty flavor. $12

Lentil Roast with roasted veggies, potatoes and chickpea gravy - very satisfying with good umami flavor. Lentil roast was more like bits in gravy than a stand alone slice. Best eaten with a spoon. $16

Zippy Cilantro Rice Bowl- Beautiful presentation but had to be remade twice because it was missing mock duck. Served with “rice” noodles that look like udon noodles. Looked like it would have been tasty if made as ordered. A little pricey for how it appeared. $18

Dinner entrees come with choice of soup or salad. The cold gazpacho was flavorful and enjoyable; especially on the tortilla chips.

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