Sticks & Stones

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Several items are Vegetarian and easily made Vegan.

Our Vegan favorites are the Veggie Tacos (hold the cheese) and Veggie Rice Bowls. They also have Spaghetti (hold the meatballs and cheese), veggie Flatbread (hold the cheese) and a Black Bean Burger (hold the cheese).

You can watch people Curling while you eat. The Fogarty Ice Hockey rinks are attached and shown on screens in the Restaurant / Bar.

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This is not what I would consider vegan-friendly, but when you're in Blaine you may not have much choice. I ordered the tacos (a "signature" dish) made vegan (no cheese and, because the waitress couldn't tell me if it was vegan or not, no Avocado crema). They were, otherwise, perfectly good tacos (with fried mushrooms, black beans, &c).

It was fun to watch a couple curling teams practicing on the ice while drinking my beer out of a plastic cup.

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