Flat Top Grill

Chicago, Illinois


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This is my "home" Flat Top grill location. I've been coming here for over 7 years. It is awesome for vegetarians and vegans alike. Great variety of yum-o-licious mock meats and vegetables. Excellent variety of sauces. They keep the food bar area very clean so there are not sauces dripping all over or contaminating other food bins.

Here's the protocol: the hostess seats you then you're greeted by your waitress. Place your drink order then you write your name on the little wooden stick at your table. Take the stick up to the food bar with you and grab a bowl. Go down the line adding rice, noodles, mock meats, veggies, nuts, sauces, whatever you like. At the end of the line, there is a stick for "food allergies" - add that stick to your bowl to have it grilled on the veg-only grill. Also, if you like roti bread, add the "roti bread" stick and they'll put one in your bowl. If you're like me and you prefer to have two or three roti breads for the table you have to ask your server for that. Put your wooden stick in the bowl so they know what table to deliver it to once it's grilled.

What I love about this place is they put the noodles, rice, vegetables and mock meats up front. There is dead meat served here too but it's at the end of the line where it belongs--an unfortunate afterthought.

Usually there is no wait at all, but on Friday or Saturdays nights you can sometimes get surprised with a long wait so you can't go wrong with a reservation.

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This is the perfect place to go if you have a group of friends with mixed eating preferences. I also enjoy how everything is clearly labeled in addition to the fact that they have seitan as an ingredient.

One of the servers also informed me once that the Indian rotis (use a blue stick to have one added to your dish) are completely vegan.

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This restaurant is great because you can see exactly what goes into your food. They label all of the sauces that are vegan and also give nutritional info (calories, fat grams) for the sauces. You can put a special stick on your bowl that tells them know you are vegetarian or have food allergies and they will cook it on a separate grill. It's all-you-can-eat and a great bargain - especially at lunch time.

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This is probably my favorite place to eat in Chicago. It's great for groups, because there are so many options that everyone can get something they like. My omnivorous boyfriend and I eat here all the time. We bring all our out-of-town guests here when they visit, and everyone loves it. The decor and atmosphere are fun, and the waitstaff is always helpful and friendly. It's not fancy, but it's a great place for a casual, everyday dinner out.

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