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I waited for a while after sitting down at a table, looked around at the lack of decor, and wondered why it was taking so long for a menu to be brought to my table. That gave me enough time to notice someone getting up to fill their plate from a buffet, so it became clear the wait staff had assumed I knew dining at their restaurant was all buffet-style and had negelected to invite me to serve myself.

A server brought a glass of something that clearly had milk products in it without my asking for it. I confirmed it had yogurt in it, declined it, and asked about the buffet. The server invited me to serve myself and didn't ask if I wanted anything else to drink. That was the last conversation I had with a server here because none ever returned to bring a drinks menu or take my order for anything else.

The dishes at the buffet were all vegetarian, so I enjoyed that there was a diversity of things to try. The dishes were mediocre. Almost nothing stood out as being particularly appetizing. The bindhi masala was the one thing that was nicely flavored, hot and spicy, but was really way too salty to eat much of it.

Much more pleasant restaurants offering far tastier versions of the same vegetarian food served here and with better service are plentiful enough in the area that there's little reason to return here unless the location is convenient at some future date.

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