Daily Health

San Francisco, California


rating star

Daily Health is an excellent place to purchase raw vegan delights. Despite its closeness to the ever-popular and pricey Cafe Gratitude (a raw and vegan cuisine), Daily Health offers packaged raw goods (that are hard to come by in San Francisco) at very reasonable prices. Among them are Go Raw's live chocolate squares, homemade raw granola, raw spirulina, carob, and falafael balls, and large raw cacao truffles. There is a hefty take-out menu for all taste buds, which includes a large selection of 100% raw and vegan entrees, including a raw and vegan burrito! The woman working there told me she makes all of these raw treasures and has been a raw vegan herself for 5 years. She offered to make me almond milk for my "grawnola" (which costs a little over $5 as opposed to the $12 version at Gratitude) as well. The store leads into a quaint back area, perfect for studying or reading, where I assume most of the deli treats are prepared. I gave this store a 9 because the man working wasn't very accommodating to my needs - he seemed upset when I asked for a list of ingredients and was reluctant to make me a copy of the menu (he said maybe next time). But the woman working, most likely a co-owner, was very friendly and delightful. I recommend this place for the raw foodist who has a sweet tooth and is looking for raw treats at reasonable prices.

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