Casa Tina

Tampa Bay, Florida


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Hands down, the best Mexican restaurant I have eaten at, thus far. The only downside was we had to leave on our first visit and return another day. Apparently they had just started offering a brunch menu on Sundays and their regular menu was not to be offered until later in the day. The brunch menu did not look appealing to me simply because I do not eat eggs, and all of the brunch dishes that I saw had eggs in them.

When we returned the second day, everything was great. The service was good, the cerveza quenched my thirst, the chips and salsa were perfect (you could tell the salsa was made in house, by the freshness and consistency), and my Tostada Vagabunda (two crisp corn tortillas, layered with refried beans, lettuce, guacamole, cheese-optional, and veggies) was out of this world. My only gripe about the dish is that they did not give me enough guacamole! It was like a teaspoon amount. However, the entrée portion was huge, enough to get leftovers for the next day.

Several locals that I spoke with during my visit recommended Casa Tina's, which is pretty amazing since the area has a mind-blowing amount of restaurants to choose from.

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