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The food is great, and there are many options. In fact, you can pretty much ask for any combination of veg*n items and they'll provide it for you, and it will be delicious. The service, however, is inconsistent. Sometimes they're right on the ball and there is enough staff to take care of both cooking and service. Sadly, most of the time there are too few employees to go around so the orders are taken long after you've arrived. Basically, if you walk into Pokez and it's crowded and not many people have plates, head down to Salad Style or something, and try again on another day.

One more thing: if you dislike cilantro, make sure you ask them to keep the pico de gallo and the guacamole off of your order. Otherwise your dish will be overwhelmed with it.

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I agree with some of the other reviewers that the service is not very good. I think there was only one server for the whole restaurant and service was very slow. The bigger problem here, however, is the food. No one in my party was happy with their dish--everyone thought their food was very bland. I ordered two bean enchiladas and a bean tostada. (I should insert here that my food came with cheese, even though I specifically requested it be left off.) A could tell that the beans had not been soaked or cooked long enough. I came across many hard, grainny bits. The beans tasted like they had no seasonings or spice on them whatsoever. I would greatly advise people avoid this restaurant!

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quite delicious vegan food. try the vegan fajitas!

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Contrary to other reviewers, I never had a bad experience with the service here. Often they have gone above and beyond for me -- for instance, once a waiter noticed that my take-out order had cheese on it, which I wouldn't have noticed until I got back to work. Maybe it was because I was an incredibly frequent customer, but I was impressed that he remembered I was vegan and had an eye out for me.

Also, since the waiters work exclusively for tips and the food is so cheap, I've always tipped pretty heavily -- 20% minimum and usually more -- so maybe that's another reason why I haven't had bad experiences.

Vegan items are plentiful and clearly marked. The waiters will know exactly what you're talking about when you ask about vegan items. My personal favorite is the bean and vegan chorrizo (sic). The sauce they serve it with is amazing, and I wish they bottled it. They also have a great cabbage side salad.

If only they had desserts.

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The food is not bad (it is not really good, either), but the service is. Always slow and usually surly. If there is something wrong with your order, do not expect a correction, and brace yourself for a confrontation should you bring it up. Apparently they decided to drastically reduce their customer service in order to keep their prices very low.

Vegan-friendly restaurants should be encouraged, but with shoddy service and spotty food, I would recommend dining elsewhere.

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This is a funky place. Word is that the wait staff is mostly volunteer and work for tips. It doesn't have the cleanest feel, but they seem to keep that "A" placard going.

The food is good (I wouldn't say great), cheap, and plentiful. By the way, it's not exclusively veggie, but they have lots of vegan and vegetarian options, all marked on the menu as such. They are famous for their potato (or potato & tofu) tacos. Very tasty indeed.

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