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Chinese food with mockmeats

A good menu of vegetarian and vegan versions of traditionally meaty dishes- General Tso's Chicken or Beef (as tofu or seitan), Hot and Sour soup, Boneless (Meatless) spare ribs, etc.

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definitely one of my favorite places to eat chinese food!
when you initially go in you have to ask for a vegetarian/vegan menu as it is completely separate and most of the options aren't on the regular menu. it states on that menu which options are vegetarian and which are vegan.
the food is great and i have told many of my friends about it. would recommend going! :)

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I've been coming here for the past three years and it's sad to say that the service has gone downhill.

Let me start with the food, though.
As far as vegan food goes in Connecticut, this is one of the best places to go.
I've tried many of their vegan dishes and although I'm not always blown away, rarely am I dissatisfied.

The single best item on the entire menu is the Boneless BBQ Ribs (vegan of course)
That is one item that I almost always have to order.
The vegan chicken and beef options are very tasty...it all comes down to personal preference. Be aware that the texture on particular dishes may be extremely different than others. If you are picky about texture, you may want to do more research before coming here. The first time I had the General Tso's, I thought the "meat" was far too tough. It has grown on me...

As far as the service, it used to be excellent, but now it is fair, at best.
It seems like they have a completely new lineup of servers and they don't seem to know what's going on, at least compared to previous servers. (whom I got to know very well)

The new servers are:
-Not very attentive
-Not particularly knowledgeable about the menu. In fact, I have been told a few different times that an item did not exist, but then I had to show them the item on the menu...I've even told them a dish and they literally had to stare at it on the menu for 10 seconds to figure it out. (could be a language barrier I suppose)
-Much slower paced than the old ones (perhaps still training?)

The biggest letdown was when I went there with an omni friend a few weeks ago...
She ordered something non-vegan, I ordered a vegan dish.
At the end of the meal, we both asked to take our leftovers home.
For the first time ever, they actually put both of our dishes into the same CONTAINER.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that you don't mix vegan food with non-vegan food. Even with that said, why would they mix two completely different dishes in the same container? This friend is not someone I live with and she's not in my family.

All in all, the food is good, but the service is mediocre.
Someone mentioned that brown rice is free, but I have not gotten it for free in at least a year, back when they had their original wait-staff. I miss the old crew...they were funny, very ready and willing to be of service and would sometimes cut slack on items, including not carding for underage patrons ordering drinks.....

Is it worth trying? Sure.
Is it worth going to on a regular basis? Not in my opinion.

I live 50 minutes away and I used to come here all of the time, but now I will only return for special occasions or take-out.


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Deep in the corner of the Borders Books plaza next to the Westfarms mall.


Accepts Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


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11am - 10pm

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