Ra Sushi

Chicago, Illinois


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Ra Sushi has very little for vegans except the most basic kind of avocado or cucumber sushi rolls (or, as I like to say, the Japanese equivalent of iceberg lettuce salads at steakhouses). The bar area is pretty nice, though, and I like the decor. Be warned that their mixed drinks are pretty strong and not particularly well-mixed, in my opinion. The service was friendly.

If you happen to be in the area, this might be a good place for a late-night drink, as all the other bars in the neighborhood seem to be wood-paneled Irish pubs.

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This place is so close to where I stay in Chicago that I really wanted to like it. Unfortunately the attitude of the staff was about as mediocre as the food (very limited veggie options)...won't return soon.

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I go to Ra every now and then for a couple of specific dishes, mainly the tempura and a tofu dish with soy sauce and red miso, which are excellent. Beyond that, not very many veg-friendly options are available. The ambiance is a bit oppressive when it gets packed, because it is quite loud.

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