Tea Gschwendner

Chicago, Illinois


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This is an upscale, modern tea shop with a nice range of tea-brewing instruments and an unusual and large selection of teas from around the world. I was impressed with the number of African, Vietnamese and Indonesian teas they offered, which is something of a rarity---most tea shops only offer a few tokens from these regions/countries.

The service is friendly and extremely helpful in selecting teas and even offering suggestions of where you might find a vegan baked good in the area (a Whole Foods is seven blocks away).

Three major gripes, though: 1. there are no vegan baked goods here; 2. there's no seating in the shop, so you can only get cups of tea to-go and; 3. because everything is to-go, you get served in paper cups with plastic lids. Fine tea is not meant to be had from cheap paper cups. I think Tea Schwendner does its product a disservice by serving it in this manner.

However, it might be nice to get a cup and walk a few blocks to the beach, if you're looking for a simple activity in the area.

rating star

This place is clearly veg-friendly since all they sell is tea. I wanted to add it because they sell really high quality tea and are super friendly. If you're looking for a tea education, this is definitely a place to go.

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