Cousin's Incredible Vitality

Chicago, Illinois

Closed as of Oct 1 11

3038 West Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, Illinois 60618


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Raw/Living Foods Restaurant

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Caterer, Other

Cousin's Incredible Vitality exists to serve a growing community of health-conscious individuals. We strive to offer the highest quality prepared gourmet raw food, products, services and education, while uniting those in search of knowledge with those who are well-informed, engaging in social activities, support groups and discussions.

Chef Mehmet created Cousin's I.V. as a haven for those suffering with weight problems, food-related health problems and those simply seeking to improve their body-mind connection.

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I don't understand why Cousin's Incredible Vitality has such a high rating. The food here is not the best raw food I've ever had, nor were the main courses even edible (in my opinion).

We started off with a "live pizza" ($6) which was, in fact, excellent. I've never tasted a raw pizza that good before. It was not only delicious and well-presented, but it actually tasted like real, cooked pizza.

The meal went downhill from there, though. We also had a falafel dish ($11) and a burger ($11). I hated the burger and couldn't stand the strong, displeasing taste that it had. The falafel was okay, but the falafel pieces themselves were not prepared properly and the spices were literally raw, which meant they were basically inedible. You can't put falafel spices in a dish and then not cook them; you'll end up with something awful. The only thing that made the dish palatable was the lettuce wrap around it and the vegetables inside.

Dessert somewhat made up for the terrible main courses. We had a piece of mango cheesecake ($7) which was well-done, though the fermented citric taste of it was dangerously close to being overpowering.

I'd return to Cousin's to give them another chance and try something else on the menu. Their live pizza was excellent, so make sure to try it. But I was extremely disappointed with the rest of my meal.

The service was friendly, if a little bit inattentive. Cousin's location is also a bit out of the way and the nearest CTA stop is about a mile away, which makes this a difficult place to get to.

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I had a great experience here! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I've been a vegetarian for 10 years but I'd never had raw food before today - it was excellent! It makes me sad to see the negative reviews, but I am going to chalk it up to their warped expectations of a raw food establishment.

The food was awesome. It was very Mediterranean inspired, at least at the salad bar, which is what I tried. The second super nice lady that helped me gave me a take out tray that I filled with little samples of every dish (AND a free cup of soup to try!). Wow. When I got home and tried everything, I was thinking about trying their month long carry out program and I still am. I didn't get sick, and in fact, I feel pretty satisfied!

Concerning the service, again, I didn't dine in, but this place has a real European feel to it, and if you've been to Europe, your cooks and servers aren't going to jump when you snap your fingers. Think about it, they're taking the time to serve you the purest of food, so relax and enjoy yourself. I will gladly exercise my patience to be the recipient of a great meal.

I love this place! In a city that prides itself on pizza that feels like a ton of bricks and other various processed meats, it is about time!!!

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Irving Park


From Downtown : get on I-90/94 North to Belmont Road exit turn Right onto Kedzie and at the Irving Park Road go East (about 1 1/2 miles). We are located about 3 blocks east of Kedzie Ave ( Irving Park Road and Whipple St.).

From The North: get onto Western Ave. and go South to Irving Park Road turn Right on Irving Park Road ( about 3/4 mile West of Western Ave.). We are located about 5 blocks West of California Ave.

Or take I-94 South to the I90/94 exit at Irving Park Road, go East (about 1 1/2 miles). We are located about 3 blocks east of Kedzie Ave ( Irving Park Road and Whipple St.).

From The East: Lake Shore Drive to Irving Park Road go West about 3 miles.

Allows Smoking

Accepts Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


  • Discover MasterCard Visa


  • American
  • Turkish
  • Raw Food
  • Eclectic (Varied)
  • Mediterranean
  • Macrobiotic


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Buffet
  • Delivery
  • Large Group-Friendly
  • Quiet
  • Wi-Fi




Chocolate "Cheese" cake Falafel Choose 3 Appetizer Picks Mini Flax Pizza


11am - 10pm

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