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This is a great date spot if you don't mind that it's noisy. My husband and I have been here a number of times and have always enjoyed ourselves. The building doesn't look that great on the outside, but the inside is really neat-looking. It's upscale enough that you can dress up if you like to do that. The staff is great about helping you identify vegan options. The menu changes often, but every time I've been here there have been plenty of vegan selections. My spouse tends to balk at all-veg restaurants, so this is somewhere we can both get what we like.

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I ate here with my family last summer and found it to be a good compromise for a vegan daughter and her meat-loving parents. While the menu does not initially look that vegan friendly due to the fact that it is separated into three categories (food from the land, food from the sea and food from the field... you can guess which of those is the "vegetarian" list), there are a surprising number of vegan items strewn throughout the menu. Also, my waiter was really nice about checking on the vegan-ness of the breads for me.

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