The Herbivorous Butcher

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I enjoyed the storefront, easily accessible location, and friendly staff. My family has supported HB through farmer's markets, the kickstarter, and gift certificates. We finally went to the deli recently to try a bunch of stuff.
We had the teriyaki jerky, mock chicken, mock korean bbq rib, garlic herb havarti, American cheese, and both types of sandwiches. The jerky was moist and chewy. The mock chicken was a pleasant sponge-y texture but with a flavor like sage stuffing. The korean bbq rib had a good flavor, however the texture was obviously heavily influenced by the tapioca flour ingredient.
Sandwiches: $13 per premade sub, taken from a cooler. The Italian sub had a good flavor combo- the pastrami, pepperoni and cheese were tasty with good texture. Could have used more of all of the innards. The mock turkey on the other sub tasted very heavily of sage, to an unpleasant degree, in my opinion. But the dill havarti was good.The bread on both subs seemed dry and/ or stale.
It seems pretty expensive, especially the sandwiches. That was disappointing. Maybe they are better fresh, but that wasn't an option. And still probably not $13 worth of better.
Takeaway: I'll go back for more mock pastrami and cheeses. I also plan to try another flavor of the jerky as well as the mock pulled pork.

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Their 'meat-free-meats' are the best I've ever had. They burst with flavor. These folks make an incredibly wide variety of vegan meats. They use great ingredients. They are also amazing at setting a positive, fun attitude about eating vegan. I can't say enough good things about them.

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