Tucson, Arizona


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I LOVE the green corn tamales here ( sweet green corn maza with green chilies). They also have a spinach and mushroom tamale or taco salad ( which is HUGE) in a tortilla bowl, loaded up with tons of veggie toppings & guac. You can totally drive by this place and not even notice it, definitly worth the stop!

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This place is NOT veg-friendly. They put lard in the beans and chicken broth in the rice. They may even use lard in the tortillas.

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I know meat-eaters that love this restaurant. However, when I visited this restaurant, there was only one vegetarian entree available, which I invented (guacamole and tortilla). The beans contain meat, which is common in Mexican food. Maybe they changed the menu since I have been there. At the time of my visit, there were no vegetarian options on the menu.

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