Café Ba-Ba-Reeba!

Chicago, Illinois


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If you can't get your friends to go anywhere else, as a veg*n you'll do ok here. You won't starve but there are so many better dining options in Chicago I'd skip this place.

It's a fun scene that's always happening. It's one of those place people go to when they first move into the neighborhood before they discover better places or somewhere you'd take your parents when they're in town.

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I was pretty impressed with Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!'s selection of sangria. There are a fair number of vegan choices, although there definitely could be more. My favorite dishes were the gazpacho and the almond sorbet (which was superb). The portions are huge (for tapas) and the prices are very reasonable. This place is a great compromise for vegans with omnivorous friends.

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This tapas place is OK. There is a fair amount of vegetarian food, but I am disappointed by the lack of vegan options, which is not impossible to handle in tapas cuisine. I also found it strange that a vegetarian paella is not offered explicitly on the menu. Nevertheless, the desserts were impressive, and I was pleased with a very smooth and delicate almond sorbet.

In terms of ambiance, it's the typical tapas bar scene, but my American sensibilities were assaulted when I had to pass through the barrier of smoke from the bar that sits near the entrance of the restaurant (at the time of this writing the no-smoking ordinance has yet to take place in Chicago). Perhaps that will all change.

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