One Veg World

Los Angeles, California


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This is a much smaller location than their original one, and instead of the plastic parrots it has a few paintings of them on the wall. There's also a small library of books you can read, and a small section of groceries - things like Earth Balance Mac & Cheese and coconut bacon.

The menu is somewhat pared down from the original too, though with the addition of pizzas. I was hoping to try their Jamaican Pizza with shredded jackfruit, but they'd had a run on pizzas so were out of the bases. Instead I had the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich, which was really nice. Not quite as good as the one from Organix, but still really tasty. My partner had the Spicy Lemongrass Tofu, which was also nice. As a starter we shared the Thai Dumplings, which were exceptional, and for dessert had the Carrot Cake and the Cocoana Cake. The carrot cake was moist, with a frosting that didn't overwhelm it, and the Cocoana Cake was amazing - two layers of chocolate sponge, topped with banana and a coconut cream, with sprinkles of desiccated, but not too dry, coconut over the top.

And as we were leaving, our waitress came running over to give me a pack of two of their chocolate and walnut cookies, as an apology for them running out of pizza.

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