Asian Wok Cafe

Alexandria, Virginia


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I got delivery from Asian Wok Cafe while visiting Alexandria, but I've never been to the physical location. Ordering was easy, and the employees were very knowledgable about vegan food. Delivery was a solid 15 minutes later than expected, and I'm told that is standard. I'm also told there are better places to get Chinese food around here.

The best thing we had was the Vegie Pepper Steak. The texture of the "steak" was perfect, but the sauce was a little more sugary than I care for with that sort of dish. I had some random tofu dish, and they cook their tofu very well. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mock chicken's texture was pretty good as well. I wasn't a fan of the Kung Pao Mock Shrimp. To be fair, I never like mock shrimp anywhere, but the dish itself was rather bland and nothing like any Kung Pao dish I've ever had. They also had vegan spring rolls and dumplings that were okay.

Vegan dining doesn't seem to have caught on yet in Alexandria. Having a variety of interesting mock meats, well over a dozen clearly labeled vegan dishes, and employees who know their stuff gives this place five starts in my book.

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