Chopstick Express

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I have not had any Chinese food for the three years I've been vegetarian, found out this place was Vegfriendly and decided to try it. The orange tofu is absolutely delicious and straight tofu is very filling. The Veggie Egg Foo Young was also very good. nice, fresh, fast food. Veggie Egg Roll was great as well. Definitely glad to have tried this place, great food, great price. Will go back!

At first I would have rated this restaurant as excellent. I got the Orange Deep Fried Tofu with Spring rolls & White rice, and it was very tasty. But the second time I went back, (I got the same meal) I took a bite of my spring roll...and to my horrified disgust...there was chicken in it!! I spit it out and felt dirty for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I havent been back. I'm sure they probably got the veg spring rolls mixed up with the chicken ones, but I can't risk that again. If you really want to try it though, I do recommend the Deep Fried Orange Tofu.

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This is our 'old standby' for Chinese take away. They do a reasonable job of catering to my vegan requests. One of my favorites is the Vegetable/Tofu soup and I ask it be made with water instead of chicken stock. They are also quite willing to make a few items off the menu such as cashew veggie, etc. The price is also right, give them a try

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