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I enjoyed my food here but I wasn't overly impressed with the menu. My favorite Vietnamese dish is pho soup but Saigon 48 only offers chicken and beef broths. They said they could make the soup with water, but the broth is what makes the soup so good so I had to pass on this.

I was also in the mood for noodles, but all of the dishes in the vegetarian section were rice dishes (although I could pay more to get noodles instead but I felt it was silly they didn't offer noodle dishes in the veg section).

So I then looked to the noodle section, which had only one veg option, mixed vegetables with brown sauce. Could they have picked a less interesting description? They offered chicken, beef, and even shrimp, but no tofu, and wouldn't let me sub tofu for one of the meats. They said I would have to add the tofu on as a separate item. LAME. I really wanted noodles so I got the mixed veggies with chow fun (wide rice noodles) and tofu. The dish was very good (and a very large portion for $9.50), but it didn't taste particularly Vietnamese. It tasted like a generic Asian noodle and vegetable dish.

The service was attentive, but they brought us the bill while we were still eating (tacky), then after we paid, they came and picked up the tip within 30 seconds, while we were still talking. The restaurant was pretty slow so there was no reason for them to rush us out of there so we were a bit put off by this.

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Pretty decent Vietnamese food at really great prices. Check out the design your own dish in the veg area of the menu.

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