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I've been here a couple times and really enjoyed the food. The first time, I dined with a Chinese friend, who was given chopsticks while I (the white girl) was given a fork, which we promptly exchanged, as he doesn't like eating with chopsticks. I went with the tofu in cedar sauce, as I don't remember seeing that item anywhere else. The waitress couldn't really explain what cedar sauce was (I said "like the tree?" and she said "yeah", lacking confidence) but the dish was excellent. I would have liked it better if tofu was firm instead of soft but the sauce was delicious. My friend got the General Tso's beef (with broccoli) and that was also incredibly good.

This last time, I went for my company's staff outing (woohoo!) and we ordered a TON of food. I'm the only vegan (or vegetarian, for that matter) in the group but all 9 people loved the food. In particular, everyone loved the spicy wontons (it was advertised on a big piece of paper on the wall), and the vegan fish. There were two types of fish but we went with the one with black bean sauce, which was surprisingly crispy and fishy. We also all really loved the Chinese broccoli, which was prepared pretty simply, with ginger and garlic, but the flavor was so good that we ordered a 2nd portion. Everyone liked the wonton soup and the teriyaki beef steak went over well. I wasn't impressed with the texture of the teriyaki beef but I loved the sauce. My meet-loving co-worker said this was his favorite dish, however! We went with the tofu in cedar sauce and this was also a big hit. For dessert, we split a double order of the tofu cheese with mango pudding and soy cream. I've always hated cheesecake but everyone else loved it, including my boss, who is one of the city's most respected food consultants. I enjoyed the mango pudding, and particularly the soy whip that came with it.

Maybe it's just the few items we ordered here, but I feel the food quality was better than that of their Manhattan counterpart (I've heard others say the same). Unfortunately, I went after dim sum hours both times, but my meat-eating friends tell me their dim sum is the absolute best.

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While the food is tasty I agree with the overall unfavorable reviews. You can't trust their answers, especially about use of MSG, and yes, the service is cold and mechanical.

Pei Lin -- I had same similar experience trying to drop off FS literature. Yes, boycott this restaurant.

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I must say the food was pretty good but the service was awful. I'm a vegan so I was asking them whether or not the mango mousse is vegan. I asked them both in English and Chinese (I speak Chinese hahah so I'm not reading something off of a paper) and they fail to understand me and said it was vegan. Next time around I went back asking for the same thing but double checked if it was vegan and they said it has dairy....That woman lied to me or wasn't doing her job in making sure what was in it.

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Excellent Food! The prices are reasonable, the customer service is OK but most importantly, excellent food. I went here for dim sum and dinner once and no problems. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Give it a try.

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I enjoyed my meal, vegetarian General Tso's Chicken with Broccoli. But the people seemed to have an attitudie. Odd, for a Buddhist vegan restuarant. :)

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This restaurant sets a trap for the first time customer. They offer a "special" winter melon soup that is not listed on the menu, so you do not see the price. When you get the bill you find that it is $22.95 for the small size!

Do not patronize Buddha Bodai vegetarian restaurant.

I approached Buddha Bodai vegetarian restaurant for permission to display Veg for Life and Farm Sanctuary leaflets. Veg For Life leaflets educate the public about the benefits of adopting a veg lifestyle and offers resources on how to make this important change. Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization in the rescue and protection of farm animals. These advocacies are supposedly in sync with the restaurant’s representation, a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant. However to my disbelief, the manager not only denied my request, showed no compassion, she slipped her tongue and verbalized that she is not a vegetarian.

Please do not patronize such a hypocritical restaurant unworthy of your presence. Your money is better spent at restaurants that do not mock your belief.

Thank you for your support. I visited this restaurant on Aug. 22, 2004.

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If you're in Manhattan, I wouldn't recommend running out to Flushing just to eat here, but if you're nearby, it's definitely worth the trip. The BBQ mock pork was pretty good, as was the mushroom, tofu, and basil special.

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