Agra Culture

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Major props to this restaurant for offering several great vegan options that aren't duplicated at other nearby restaurants. My favorite item is the Agra plate, a customizable dish I order with vegan chicken (it's Gardein, I'm told), Romesco sauce, and a couple of sides. My favorite side dishes are the seasonal hash, roasted yam wedges, truffled mushroom mix, and grapefruit segments sprinkled with rosemary and pepper flakes.

The salads are also very fresh and good. I often order the Greek or kale salad with no cheese, and sometimes add the vegan chicken to the salads.

The portions are not large and the food is somewhat expensive for a concept described as fast casual. However, the food quality is several notches above what you'd find at most fast casual places.

The location near 50th and France is also solid and has a nice, pergola-ed patio for summertime dining.

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The menu is complicated, but the vegan items are well-marked. The space seemed pretty fancy for being fast-casual. The portion sizes were pretty small for what you got, but the flavor of the dish I got was fantastic! Looks like they have some decent breakfast options. I'll go again.

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