Mountain Oasis

Flagstaff, Arizona


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My wife and I had dinner here tonight and we were impressed by the quality of the food. They have a decent number of vegan options, though there was a little confusion about whether the mushroom ravioli was vegan (it's not).

We ordered the hearts of palm bruschetta without cheese, but the topping is pre-mixed. The chef made us a standard (tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil) bruschetta instead, and topped it with a bit of balsamic vinegar. It was very good.

I had the Cantonese pasta as an entree. I'm not sure what's Cantonese about coconut milk, peanuts, and cabbage, but it was quite tasty. It was a nice balance of richness and freshness with the cabbage. I also liked the tofu it was served with. My wife had the Thai peanut dish, which was also quite good.

The only disappointment was the salad, which was surprisingly plain for a restaurant that's aiming for a more upscale vibe. My wife's split pea soup was excellent, however. I'd highly recommend this if it's available.

The restaurant was also a bit too cold. Turn up the heat or install a second set of doors! Every time someone came in we got a cold blast, and there's really nowhere you could sit that would avoid this.

I'd definitely come back in the future, though.

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There were lots of great-sounding vegetarian selections, and the food we ordered was very good. It's in a great location. The dining area is very nicely decorated, though the back is less than sparkly. (There are stacks of boxes poorly hidden behind curtains.) Staff was friendly.

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Nice atmosphere but the restaurant was so crowded when we walked in at lunch on a weekend that we waited at our table about 20 minutes before someone came to take our order. I ordered the Pineapple Salad which is a "Tofu Salad of Fresh Greens, Pineapple, Vegetables and Crunchy Peanuts". It was tasty but wasn't very filling - I could have used more protein mixed in. I almost never eat just salads and this is the reason why. Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant and the wait-staff were friendly.

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We had the Cantonese Pasta and the Mountain Oasis Thai Dish. both were very tasty, and the portions are large enough for an entire meal of leftovers.

The server was very polite and accommodating.

We also had the Chai Chiller smoothie made with soy ice cream. it was very tasty. A teensy bit too banana-y, but tasty nonetheless.

They also have Alternative Baking Company cookies. (When he was talking about cookies, I thought they were homemade, so when he brought out the ABC cookies, I was a little disappointed, but at least they have vegan options. It's better than most restaurants.)

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