Istria Cafe

Chicago, Illinois


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The gelato is amazing. The various vegan flavors that I've seen are the following:

Blood Orange
Forest Berry
Soy Chocolate

They usually have between 2 and 5 vegan flavors. The staff is very helpful. Istria even sell tubs of gelato for catering events. The best part is that the gelato is very inexpensive and they give huge portions. Occasionally flavors taste freezer-burnt. This problem tends to exist less in the summer (when gelato is more popular and doesn't sit in the freezer for more than a day or two).

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I must agree - I had the raspberry sorbet and it was pretty good. I noticed that they had a decent selection of coffee drinks all available with soy.

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This place is pretty good. The staff knows which sorbet/gelato is/isn't vegan, and the sorbet is pretty tasty. The coffee is pretty decent too.

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