Mediterranean Harbour Bar & Grill

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


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Having grown up in Northern NJ with its myriad Pita Pits and Falafel Huts, I am no stranger to Mediterranean foods. But I must say the food at Mediterranean Harbour is exceptional! Everything is made from scratch in-house, and you can tell: I savoured the rich flavours and perfect textures. Also, the twist for specifically Lebanese versions of these foods is that anything with chickpea also contains fava bean. I recommend the sampler platter, for which you can choose 3 out of the 4 vegan choices. The baba ghanouj was eye-rolling smoky, the grape leaves delectable, the falafel to die for; pita bread comes with and is vegan. Add a waterside seat in the breeze with a glass of wine, and you too will see why I am raving so cheekily.

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