Golden Pacific Market

Chicago, Illinois


rating star

Love this place and visit it often, but sometimes their veggies aren't so fresh. Also, watch expiration dates on cans, sauces etc. !!

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I like the fact that they keep the place very clean and neat, and they always try to have a variety, including stocking new items fairly often. People there are friendly and very helpful. Good Asian vegetarian items, including ready-made microwave dinners and others -- if you only know Bocca, you need to try this place!

rating star

This place is a great find if you're looking for a clean friendly place to find your Asian cooking staples. I found that they offered a wide assortment of veg friendly foods (different varieties of tofu, a wide assortment of sauces, vegetables and fruits, and the interesting variety of mock meats). I also like the assortment of canned, read-to-use curry pastes.

The store is quite clean (without the usual fishy smell that many Asian markets have), and they keep the meat section at the back, so you can generally avoid it. A nice find overall.

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