India Palace

Mankato, Minnesota


rating star

Bottom Line: Truly phenomenal food, outstanding service and many options for vegans! If you're looking for an awesome veg-friendly restaurant to try in Mankato, you've found it.

I was so impressed with India Palace after some friends brought me here that I came back the next day so that I could share it with more of my friends! The restaurant is fairly new as of this review, but it's quickly become a favorite for just about everyone I know who has tried it.

The staff is very friendly and the owner, Jae, is vegan herself. She's friendly, attentive and helpful to vegans who are curious about what can be made without dairy. There are about 3 dozen items on the menu and about half of those are vegetarian. Of those, many can also be prepared without cream for vegans.

Did I mention the food? It's fantastic. I don't know how they do it, but it's impossible not to taste the the quality of the ingredients and the careful preparation in the food that leaves that kitchen. You'll forget you're in a restaurant and think you're enjoying food around a family table, expertly prepared from generations-old family recipes.

With all of the delicious options available, it may be easy to bring the bill up a little higher than you may be used to for Mankato casual dining but, in my view, it is worth every penny.

Be sure to check this place out!

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